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Rockwell City, IA – Over the past several months, Calhoun County Economic Development Corp. (CCEDC) has worked on a county-wide housing needs assessment and strategy plan in conjunction with RDG Planning and Design. The results of this study, which has included surveys, stakeholder group discussions, physical housing assessments, and demographic and economic analysis, are now complete and will soon be available for review and comment.

CCEDC would like to invite the public to an open presentation on the study’s findings and recommendations on Thursday, November 1 at 6:00 p.m. in the Rockwell City Public Library Community Room.

“This completed study is just the first step that sets the foundation for housing development throughout Calhoun County,” said Jill Heisterkamp, Executive Director for CCEDC. “We appreciate all of the input we received from Calhoun County residents, employers, and community leaders during this process, and look forward to their comments regarding the completed housing study. I am excited to see how our communities leverage this information to start working on improving and growing housing in each of our towns.”

A representative from RDG Planning and Design, the firm that conducted the assessment, will be presenting the results and available to answer any questions. In advance of the November 1 meeting, RDG offers the following information:

What is a Housing Plan? A housing study or plan is a document focused on Calhoun County’s housing supply. It addresses historic trends, the current condition of housing, changes in the real estate market, indexes how affordable housing is in the county, and projects demand for future housing across a range of types and price points. After analyzing this data, the plan makes specific policy and program recommendations that the county can implement to address issues and challenges facing the housing market. 

Why is a Plan Needed? Communities across Iowa are experiencing increasing housing shortages. Housing shortages can strain local economic development efforts, inconvenience residents, and present a challenge to housing affordability. No growth or slow growth in a housing market can result in stagnant or declining tax revenues and deteriorating and substandard housing. A housing plan is intended to give policy makers and housing developers a guidebook and a tool kit to ensure a healthy and functioning housing market that offers opportunities for safe, affordable housing to all residents.

How is the Plan Implemented? Once completed, housing plans can be implemented through several interlocking means. Of course, the county and each community has a role in guiding land use and ensuring safe construction and habitable residential structures. Frequently, a local housing authority or non-profit organization will contribute their knowledge and skills in developing housing for those of the most modest means. Finally, in almost all cases, the policies and recommendations in a housing study will be designed to create a private market response to housing need as well. The document, by taking a holistic look at Calhoun County’s housing market, invites a broad-based response to improving the overall housing quality and market health.

published Wednesday, October 17, 2018

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